Sunday, August 9, 2015

The island of Krk, Croatia

Fancy was returning spent the last 2 week visiting friends in the US and it was one of the last free weekends together before school starts. We were eager to spend time together as it's been a busy summer with family and friends and travel but little time between just the two of us.

We love living close to Croatia. Croatia is an amazing country that holds an old-world charm - most of its towns built in white limestone - pristine blue water of the Adriatic coast - delicious Italian food adopted from it's time ruled by the Venetians - these three things made for a wonderful trip.

We rented a car for the weekend, left early Friday and spent three nights on the island without vowels - Krk. It was convenient to drive because no ferries were needed (but you play plenty in tolls) and we drove 5 hours directly our apartment in the small town of Malinska.

It's quickly become our favorite thing - to visit smaller towns and little villages. It offers something a little more genuine and pre-fabricated tourism. Croatia seems to be gaining in popularity and for good reason. However, some of our best memories are always from visiting these small towns that no one tells us to go to but have incredible views, nice people and confusing, narrow streets.

A highly recommended trip to the island of Krk, Croatia: 

Fancy had Taylor Swift on repeat.

Sunset in Malinska.

The highlight of the trip was this 'private' beach in Stara Baska. You can only arrive by boat or by hiking down a perilous mountain trail off the side of the road (which apparently a lot of folks do) and we rented chairs, an umbrella and enjoyed the day immensely.

Navigating through "the world's narrowest street" - it's Guinness world record, and we navigated it like champions.

All of these distinguished gentlemen gather every Sunday to discuss the town's business.

Gotta respect the strategy of leaning back-to-back when on the Croatia beaches.

Baska, Croatia - super busy beach on the southern tip

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