Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goodbye Tour, USA

The worst part of these type of new adventures are the goodbyes.

The quote, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end" always reminds me that there are always two sides: the beginning of something new, but also the ending of something previous.

It became downright painful to say goodbye to everyone.  Fortunately, we were able to look forward to spending much needed time with both our families before we departed to Budapest.  However, our last days in Athens, GA, USA were frantic.  We were trying to see as many friends as possible, sell or give away as many items as we could (I now consider myself a CraigsList expert) and Nancy also graduated with her Specialist degree in Middle Grades education, all in the same couple of days.

Our final night in Athens, GA.
Our final farewell in Athens, GA.
Before we left, we completed a last-minute move-out of our new home in Athens, GA.  We decided to hire a property-management company to handle our house while we are away and were able to quickly find great tenants for the house. We rushed home to Fancy's parents, arriving after 1am.  Finally getting to bed a little after 3am, we didn't sleep much. Our flight to Denver left the next morning at 9am.  Did I mention we hadn't packed yet?

Our flight to Denver was  the very next day after the airplane was tragically shot down in Ukraine.  It's not exactly the headline you want to see immediately before boarding an identical aircraft.

We safely arrived in Denver for a week-long trip to Avon, Colorado with Fancy's parents and tucked in a family reunion in Estes Park, as well.  It was just the four of us in Colorado which allowed for some great conversations, beautiful sunsets, copious amounts of wine to be shared (no photos), and multiple 'forced marches' to be endured (when we could find the trailhead).  Everyone should experience the Rockies in July. 

We flew directly from Denver, CO to Florida to spend half a week with my parents in the 30th+ annual week at the beach.  We had to say goodbye to my parents here, but would be flying back to Atlanta for a final goodbye with Fancy's parents.

Fancy got to spend time with all three of her siblings, including our one-year old nephew, Luke.  In all the happenings pre-Budapest flight, her parents were even able to put together a Fancy Nancy Birthday Celebration -- I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for these signs on the door.

Our departure flight left at 9:30pm.  Consequently, we had the pleasure of experiencing one more Atlanta, rush-hour traffic to arrive at the airport on time.  On Schlemmer time -- 3 hours early.  I gulped down my last American meal, chicken pot pie.  Another gut-wrenching round of goodbyes, but we were able to pull it together for the camera, obviously.

We previously transferred our phones, in order to be able to make a couple calls at the airport, if needed.  I will report later at our ingenuity in converting phone coverages, lest we cover too many exciting topics in one blog post.  I'm still new at this, so we are going to spread the good stuff thin.

(Update: We both are able to use our iPhone 5/5s here in Hungary.  We have new Hungary phone numbers, but can still use for iMessages for iPhone people and WhatsApp for non-iPhoners.)

We are so cool, we are going back in time with our cell phones.
Atlanta ---> London

Our flight from Atlanta was on-time.
We were joined by a bunch of first-time flyers.
In particular, there was one innocent, young girl, that had never been on an airplane.  The disappoint on her face was palpable when she finally entered the "Economy" section of the airplane, after initially walking through the first-class cabin.
"Oh...I thought all of the seats were like that".  I couldn't tell if it was more disappoint or grief, or a combination of both.
Poor girl.  

As the plane took off, I remember sharing a smile with Fancy and we couldn't believe the day and time had finally arrived.  It was official.
Our arrival to London was ... less than direct.  

Am I the only immature person that thinks this looks like a ... 

But it afforded us an impressive view of the River Thames. 

We had a 4-hour layover which Fancy spent much as illustrated below:

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