Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome. Benvenidos. Üdvözöljük.

English: Hello! Welcome!

Spanish: Hola! Bienvenidos!

Hungarian: Szia! Udvözöljük!

A hearty, Hungarian welcome to our blog!

As you can see, the Hungarian language is going to be quite a challenge. But, look at that, you've already learned at least two words in Hungarian, one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

Spoken by approximately 10M people, while fiercely proud of their language, even Hungarians will admit it's somewhat irrelevant. Unless, you live in Hungary.  This blog is going to be so good for you, teaching you so many new things.  You're welcome.

After getting married in June 2011, Fancy 
(as the wife will hitherto be referred to)  and I spent 10 months living and exploring southern Spain teaching English in a program funded by a government grant.  We returned to America for two years but began to feel restless to return abroad.  When an opportunity for her to teach at the American International School in Budapest, Hungary was offered, we were conflicted about everything it would mean, but ultimately felt compelled to start again in Europe.

The name CompassComfort was an idea to encapsulate the happiness and fullness we feel as our life unfolds together across the globe.  And, alliterations are just so darn fun-sounding.

We thank you for sharing your day with us and taking the time to follow our journey!!

Please don't hesitate with any questions or comments: tperzel@gmail.com.

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