Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's happening, again.

Well, we've made the calamitous decision to leave America, again.

For the second time in three years, Fancy and I will be packing up all our belongings, seeing how many of them we can fit in an under-sized storage unit (because I'm too cheap to purchase the appropriately-sized) and leave the comforts of family and home. 

It's been a much more difficult decision than some realize.  It's difficult to explain why it even makes sense to leave the people that mean the most to us.  We haven't found a way to explain it in words, and only gets worse, the more we try.

Our first departure was generally more excusable to our closest friends and family.  It was given the appropriate title,  "A one year Spanish adventure".  As newlyweds, this experience was something most of our 'framily' (friends + family) could understand and empathize with us.  For the most part, we had a positive reaction when sharing our plan to live in Spain for the year after getting married.  However...

Buuudapest? (said with a heavy amount of incredulity)
Where is that…
Wow, that’s “random”.
Well, that’s ... more exciting ... for you.

Understandably, there was more of a tepid response from our framily when sharing our decision to move back to Europe — for two years.

Two years seems a lot longer.  Budapest seems a little further.

However, as the weeks and months passed by it was incredible to witness our family’s deliberate and intentional support, despite how they may have truly felt.  It might not have been their chosen path for us, or even a path that many would choose at all.  Despite their own wishes and desires for us to remain close, their support ultimately allowed us to share the happy tears when we said goodbye.  For those lucky enough to experience the unconditional love of family, it’s something that no one should take for for granted.

Attempted Analogy

Our decision to move is best explained through emotion and feeling, if you have those.  It's like waking up Christmas morning and you're so excited and thankful to experience all that the day has in store -- and it always delivers!  That's the feeling that Fancy and I experience each morning we wake up in a new continent, a new country and a new city. When does the newness end?  Not sure.  The excitement that we feel each and every day embodies the lifestyle we hope to intentionally create in our life.  When we do this together, we are able to create a life  that is purposeful, intentional.  We feel like life becomes more interesting and full, like we are alive and we are living completely.

New Adventures Ahead.

Settled in the heart of eastern Europe,
6 hours to 6 European capitals…
Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube,
Home to the ball-point pen,
The Pearl of the Danube…

Allow us to introduce Budapest, Hungary.

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