Friday, August 8, 2014

Fancy's School -- Bring your Husband to Work Day

This post was written August 8th...we are a little behind. Better late than never.

Today, I had the distinct honor of accompanying to work the Grade 6 math teacher at the American International School of Budapest.

It’s only her second day at the school and they have a more relaxed (and longer) introduction for all new teachers.  Meanwhile, I get to commute out to the village-town of Nagykovácsi to see what her long, daily commute will be like each day.  My suspicion is that she invited me because she wants to put me to work.

As we arrive at the school, me for the first time, it dawns on me that this school is the entire reason we find ourselves in Budapest.  Her classroom being the epicenter.  She will teach at a school that enlists students from over 20 countries and tuition isn't cheap.  I think I’m about to have a sentimental moment over this, but then the reality of having to walk up a very steep hill to arrive at her school overtakes me.

It’s been extremely rewarding to better understand Fancy's profession and get this glimpse into her world of international teaching.  Knowing someone is a teacher is actually quite different from seeing them in their element.  Watching Fancy organize and prepare her classroom is like watching an artist at work (maybe not a famous artist, but still).  Everything has a place that it belongs and a place it doesn’t belong, according to Fancy.

I took some photos of her school that seem to equate it more with a small college than a K-12 school.
They needed a new gym, apparently.
Every school really deserves it's own pool.
Fancy outside her classroom... B213

The "spare gym" with a climbing wall...
Fancy has quite the view from her classroom.
The mean hallways of AISB.
This is the real reason I was invited to school.

Turns out I'm a pretty awesome helper.

This is one of 4 soccer / football fields.

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