Monday, August 18, 2014

Rental Agreement Accepted...Finally!

We found out late last night that our offer was accepted.  The owner agreed to all of our “demands” which was essentially a complete repainting and refurnishing of the flat and that they should have the big stuff by our move-in date of August 19th and that they will get some of the smaller stuff by the end of the month.

It should feel more exciting, but I think we are just more relieved.

Unless a better opportunity comes along, Fancy and I agreed that we can be uncomfortable and unsettled for one more week here at the co-workers house.  Our second temporary living situation is an upgrade.  The home is a 3-bedroom house and while we will have to keep the ‘spreading out’ to a minimum, it’s a free place and we had a freshly-cooked dinner last night with Czech beer, so, there’s that.

Fancy has just informed me that we are heading to the bank today.

The Hungarian banking system is alleged to be Europe’s worst, so this should be interesting.

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