Sunday, August 3, 2014

House Hunting International!!

No, unfortunately, we weren't selected for the show House Hunters International (yet).

However, our dramatic and often-times annoying flat-hunt would have made for great television.  I'm positive the HGTV network is wallowing in pity over their error.

Initially, the school organized a local real estate agent to assist in The Hunt.  Her name is Judit and she picked us up the morning after we landed and we were off to look at flats.

We learned a lot about finding an apartment in Budapest during the search that would span two weeks. Previously in Spain, it took us only three-days of searching until we found an unbelievable flat in the small town of Linares (JaĆ©n).  It had everything we wanted and was relatively affordable.  Our wonderful Spanish 'piso' had the side effect of creating extremely high expectations for our Budapest flat.  Because the saga deserves it, the "flat search" is broken apart into different episodes. Click on the links below to take you to that story.

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